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Fine Japanese Kimono

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How to wear Kimono
Wearing Kimono is easy if you follow these directions:

From the beginning:

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How to wear Kimono part one(Nagajuban)

How to tie the Obi

Time to put on the Kimono

Make sure that the sleeves of the Nagajuban
are properly inside the sleeves of the Kimono.

Japanese Kimono are traditionally made very long.
(This is particularly good for us
Western women who are taller
than the typical Japanese woman)

Adjust the length of the Kimono by
pulling up the right side of the Kimono until
it touches the top of your feet.
The seams of the right front panel should
align with your left hip.

Pull up the left side of the kimono so the hem brushes the top of your foot and match up the left seam's panel so the edge of the front left panel matches up with the outside edge of your right hip.

Now tie a cord around your waist and blouse over the extra fabric.

Japanese Women use Koshimo again for this.
But you can use a cotton ribbon or rope at your waist.

Smooth out any wrinkles. Check that the hem is even and that the collar lays well on the Nagajuban's. It will take some practice.

Use a Date Jime sash and wrap it around your waist.

Tie it off in the front. Tucking in the ends.

Now you are ready for the Obi! How to tie the Obi

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