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Fine Japanese Kimono

Elegant Antique Japanense Iro Tomesode

The elegant antique chirimen silk has been dyed a lavender purple or murasaki. The gown is decorated on the hem in a free hand painted design of chrysanthemums, rocks and water. The pattern is on the right and left front panels in a mirror image effect. A legend tells of a famous warrior priest who painted Buddhist characters on chrysanthemum petals. The dew that washed away the writing is said to be the elixir of eternal youth. They are revered for their beauty and elegance. Chrysanthemum represents the virtues of endurance and integrity. Embroidery has been added to the flower pattern for emphasis. The tomesode had five mon in the Tsuta (ivy) motif. This mon is associated with power and authority, it is frequently seen in shogun families. Please notice that the mon are shaded. The theory is that a five-crested single colored gown is too overwhelming when the crests are displayed in full color. The Japanese adore understatement. The tomesode is fully lined in scarlet, its hem is slightly padded and its in good condition. 47' wide x 56' long



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