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Fine Japanese Kimono

Late Meiji (circa 1900) Hitoe Egasuri Kimono

Egasuri (or picture designs) are the most complex of all the kasuri weaves and they were popular in the Meiji period. This one is made of a subdued gray and beige combination. The window pane plaid is connected by decorated ribbons. The kimono is unlined and was worn for summer months. Stripe is the simplest form of design that can be woven into a fabric. In weaving the patterns are dyed into sections of the thread lengths before the cloth is woven. Warp or wefts alone may carry the pattern or the pattern may be created by the intersection of the dyed warp and weft. The relative regular repetition patterns and the fuzzy edges of the design are characteristic. Egasuri is a sophisticated adaptation of folk craft weaving. We think this one is especially beautiful. It has a slight patina of age but that adds to its beauty. There is a hole in the center back just above the hem (see photos). The cloth is strong so this must have come from a rip or tear. 48 x 56 sleeves are 29



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