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Fine Japanese Kimono

SOLD to Italian Collector

The silk for this gown is a crepe weave. The crepe silk has a metallic white gold pin stripe. The floral pattern is set on a field of yellow. The colors of yellow, white green, black and purple are used in the design. The cloth lavishly decorated in a unusual pattern of flowers and circles. The floral pattern includes many of the seven grasses of autumn such as bush clover, pampas grass, arrowroot, bellflower, chrysanthemum and morning glory. The circles have a silhouette design of butterflies and kaibutsu (imaginary creatures). The silhouettes have history that dates to the late 1890�s when art deco exploited the motif well. Windows do not exist in a Japanese house. Instead they use translucent white paper which is stuff into a wooden lattice on the outside of the outer sliding partitions. When in the evening the people move around inside the house by lamplight they throw their shadows onto the paper sliding partitions passers by are provided with all sorts of shadow play. Some of the wood block prints are famous for capturing this effect. The kimono is fully lined and it has some light stains but the pattern hides them well. The sleeves are edged in scarlet. 47 x 59

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