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Fine Japanese Kimono

Taisho Era (1912-1926) Komon Chrysanthemums on Summer Weight Raw Silk Haori

20% Off 250.00 Save $50.00The silk for this antique black haori is a summer weight raw silk. It is as soft as a baby’s sigh. The cloth has been decorated in a technique known as komon. It uses the small dots to create the large chrysanthemum pattern in white and red with gold centers. Komon means small crests. It is a pattern of small overall repeating motifs. Originally it was mostly used for dying leather and bast fibers, later it was used on silk. Komon patterns re created by applying rice-paste resist through a paper stencil and then dyeing the cloth a single color. The sizes of the motif vary ranging from life size depictions of blossoms to tiny, pin-point dots. Kimono fabrics with various kinds of komon designs were popular with the ladies of the Edo period. The subdued but elegant coloring and the regular arrangement of the pattern made them an outstanding selection for any wardrobe. Komon enjoyed the additional advantage of being suitable for informal or semi formal occasions. Please look at the colorful lining of mystical birds. The haori is lined and has its own ties. The haori has a patina of age. 48 x33

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