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Fine Japanese Kimono

Hand Painted Noren

20% off $200.00 Save $40.00 YThis noren is made of a heavy cotton dyed in indigo blue and hand painted. The decoration is a peaceful scene of trees in twilight. The design is augmented with a church in the background and a man in a horse drawn cart. The trees are a favorite theme in Japanese art and many masters have commented on how to depict them well. “ If you are arranging trees in a picture, you must let them connect and commingle so that sometimes three sometimes five trees form a group. Moreover they should not be regular in form: some should be bent, some upright, some close at hand, some in the distance; one tall, another small. Thus they will create an unusual effect.” The noren is used in interior design to separate rooms and to provide shade as well as privacy. They are commonly found at the entrance of business establishments. It seemed to us that almost every traditional shop in Japan had a dramatic noren at its entrance. This one is in good condition. 34 x 54

US$160 - SOLD

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