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Fine Japanese Kimono

Pre WWII Rinzu Kimono with Katazome and Yuzen Camellias

The silk for this kimono is woven in a latticed pattern decorated with citrus and peonies. The damask effect gives a beautiful color variance to the total composition. The floral decoration was applied by way of stencils and the finished with hand painted yuzen accents. The flowers include camellias, plum blossoms, citrus and iris presented in white, pink, yellow, red and gray on a peach ground. The process for building a gown like this one is almost as ornate as the finished kimono. The silk is woven and the kimono is actually built. Next the katazome master paints the garment insuring that the design is properly placed. Then the yuzen hand painted accents are applied. Then the kimono is disassembled and it is dyed. Finally the kimono is lined and reassembled. The entire process involves dozens of artisans. The kimono bodice is lined in cotton as per the era. The sleeves and hem are lined in silk. We always favor the long swinging sleeves (24.5), please notice these are lined in scarlet. The kimono has a slight patina of age and a few light stains. 47 x 60



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