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Fine Japanese Kimono

Early Taisho Era (circa 1912) Miura Shibori Haori with Woven and Hand Painted Abstract Design

The silk for this haori is lightweight. The silk is woven with lacquered threads to create an abstract pattern of undulating lines. This gives the effect of gold sections worked in with the shibori pattern. It is very beautiful. Large areas of the cloth were reserved with paste to protect the woven design. The abstract pattern is surrounded by shibori tie-dye called miura (looped binding). The cloth is shaped by pushing up a portion of it with the finger from the underside. The binding thread is looped around the tip of the cloth-covered finger. The cloth within the loop of thread is caught and held by a hook and the finger is withdrawn as the loop is drawn tight. This hand tie-dye is an amazing process that comes to us from the 1600’s. The Japanese love shibori. It’s easy to see why shibori is a luxury for the rich. The haori has a colorful lining and a slight patina of age. It has its own ties. 49 x 34 sleeves 20



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