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Fine Japanese Kimono

Pre WWII Multi Stitch Shibori Haori with Hand Painted Lining

The silk for this haori is lightweight. It has been decorated in several different tie-dye stitches (shibori). The word shibori describes a dyeing process by which designs are created when the fabric is pinched, folded, gathered, knotted, tied or pleated and then bound tightly with string before dipping the cloth in dye. When the bindings are removed the pattern appears. This haori uses a variety of ways of embellishing the cloth. The finish is a two-dimensional surface the entire haori has a texture. This hand tie-dye is an amazing process that comes to us from the 1600’s. The teardrop design reminds us of Sarasa. This beautiful abstract pattern that was imported form India. It has been popular in Japanese textile design for hundreds of years. The haori is pink, white, maroon and rose. The haori’s lining is decorated in a hand painted arrangement of three figures. Our Japanese friend tells us these may be gods of abundance. One holds a fish, one a drum, and one a sacred pheonix, Please notice the elegant detail in the figures. The extensive use of shibori makes this a warm garment. The haori is fully lined and has its own ties. It is in remarkable condition for its age. 48 x 31



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