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Fine Japanese Kimono


The silk for this married woman’s formal kimono is medium weight. The hem has been lavishly decorated in hand painted yuzen. The hem’s design features cranes, pine and a boat full of treasures. This motif is called the myriad treasures, they are associated with the Seven Gods of Good Luck. Among the treasures are items that are said to ensure prosperity, long life, and general good fortune such as: wish granting gems, scrolls of great knowledge, weights and measures of justice, the hat and raincoat of invisibility, the purse of inexhaustible riches, the magic mallet which grants all wishes. The design has gold couching, embroidery and gold painted outlines. The tomesode is lined in red silk. There is some discoloration on the neck but these would not show when worn. The hem is slightly padded. 51 x 57

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