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Fine Japanese Kimono


The crepe silk for this visiting kimono is gradation dyed to create a colored horizon for the design. The rural scene is presented in bold colors and accented with gold metallic paint and embroidery. The Japanese have an enduring love of nature and especially the changing of the seasons. In times past, families would travel to special locations to watch the leaves change. Shrines and temples, associated with noble families, grew up around these locations. We visited a park/shrine like the one shown in this design. The leaves were if full color and the place was packed with nature lovers. Textile designers, like this one, use these important locations as pattern for stunning motifs. The kimono is fully lined. The bodice and sleeves are lined in scarlet silk. the hem is self line and the yuzen pattern is repeated on the underside of the hem. The homongi has some light stains that do not detract from its beauty. The kimono has five crests in the bellflower motif. The addition of the mon or family crests on the kimono make it a formal gown suitable for formal occasions. 52 x 60

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