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The Buddhist priest's robe, or kesa, is made up of seven (shichi) narrow panels(jo) pieces. The narrow panels are made up of patchwork squares assembled into a large, flat rectangle. The pattern is called rice field. The vestment drapes across the body and under the left arm. It fastens by two corners on the right shoulder. It is accompanied by an ohi of the same design. The two vestments are ceremonial garments. The purple and white boarder is presented in a motif called karakusa. The seven-panel kesa and its smaller twin minimizes the patchwork effect by using only two patterns giving design a strong visual unity. It is patterned with copper, gold and green chrysanthemums brocaded on a green ground. The floral design is woven with metallic gold giving it a shimmering appearance. The Four Directional Guardians of Buddhist cosmology are symbolized by the traditional small squares (shitenno) appearing in the kesa's four corners. The kesa is fully lined in silk of a complimentary tone. Its fasteners are reinforced with ornate appointments. It has two decorative cords. The artist’s signature block appears on the reverse side. From this signature we know the garments were made in Kyoto. We estimate its age at about 30 years old. It is in good condition. Kesa Dimensions: 46” Wide X 79” Long and Hoi Dimensions:12.5" Wide x 60" Long



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