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Fine Japanese Kimono


This blue silk kimono is called `susohiki'. It is traditional dress for a Geisha when she danced. Susohiki literally means `trail the skirt'. Susohiki is much longer than other kimono. It is the authentic costume for the elegant dance with a folding fan. This magnificent gown dates from the early Showa Period (1926). It is decorated in a hand painted design of citrus, flowers and auspicious myriad treasures. Japanese legend and art demonstrate the close association of oranges and other citrus fruits with healing and wizardry. The mandarin orange is admired for its evergreen leaves, fragrance and its fruiting while flowering at the same time. It is a favorite theme in classical court poetry. The myriad treasures are associated with the Seven Gods of Good Luck . Among the treasures are items that are said to ensure prosperity, long life, and general good fortune. This gowns motif includes treasures such as: the horn of a rhinoceros, wish granting gems, scrolls, weights and measures, the hat and raincoat of invisibility, the purse of inexhaustible riches, the feathered cape, the magic mallet and the key to the storehouse of the Gods. Some of the hand painted yuzen design is accented in gold paint as well as heavy gold cording. The gown is fully lined. Kimono Dimensions:

US$6000 - SOLD

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