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Fine Japanese Kimono


The coloration and composition of bingata is unique to Okinawa Japan. The design frequently uses primary colors. Its pattern is presented in a simple clear line. The stylized design is unique and unmistakable. This Maiko kimono is made of off white crepe that has a hand painted bingata design of iris, chrysanthemums and water symbols. The design is presented in indigo blue, terracotta red, olive green and yellow. Gold leaf paint is used to outline and accent the design. We purchased this kimono from the collection of a professional dresser in Kyoto.The unusual length of the gown accommodates the Pokkuri, platform shoes worn by Maiko. The gown is fully lined, the bodice is lined in sheer silk.. The hem lining is hand painted crepe and it mirrors the outer garment. The lining is also hand painted in the bingata fashion. The kimono has wear-related stains. Maiko Kimono dimensions: 50 inches wide from sleeve tip to sleeve tip and 66 inches long from shoulder to hem. The sleeves are 35 inches long.

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