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Fine Japanese Kimono

Wearing Kimono is easy if you follow these directions:

From the beginning: the Nagajuban (Under Kimono)

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How to wear Kimono part two (Outer Kimono)

How to tie the Obi

Kimono Underwear: cotton shirt and polyester skirt.

Silk Nagajuban with replaceable han eri collar.

Make sure that the collar is even and that the back
of the collar is off your neck about 3 inches
(more if you want to be risque.)

Wrap the nagajuban left over right.

Tie a ribbon or cotton cord around your waist.
The Japanese use long flat ribbons called Koshimo.

Usually 2 Koshimo(or cords) are used
in order to keep the collar from shifting.

A Date Jime (wide sash) is worn just below
the bustline to ensure that the collar does not shift
when you put on the Kimono.

The Date Jime is optional for the Nagajuban-
2 cords will usually be sufficient.

How to wear Kimono part two (Outer Kimono)

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